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Dr. Stetter

Sensors, Detectors, Monitors, Dosimeters for Carbon monoxide and Toxic gases.

Transducer Technology, Inc., was founded in 1999 by Dr. Joseph Stetter to provide novel and uniquely engineered sensor products using cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs to meet the needs of the market for higher performance at a lower cost. In January of 2007, TTI was purchased by KWJ Engineering, an industry leader in the development and production of gas detection equiptment. After the purchase, TTI became the Transducer Technology Division of KWJ Engineering (TTD), responsible for the ongoing development of new sensors and sensor technology in the company.

TTD sensors define a new level of high reliability in the industry. Additionally, our tiny Pocket CO detector boasts the same high performance as large, costly instruments and has the advantages of direct, digital readout with dosimetry capabilities and power so low that it can run for many months on a watch battery.

TTD employs highly qualified sensor engineers, scientists, and assemblers. Novel and patented processes, incorporating nanotechnology with advanced sensor designs and materials, have led to a unique set of sensor characteristics such as low power, low cost, flexible size and shape and outstanding performance. TTD”s facilities accommodate. product development and product assembly, computerized sensor testing and evaluation, custom design of systems, TGA, GC, heat treatment equipment, and a wide variety of analytical tools for sensor engineering and manufacturing.Manufacturing methods have been proven through years of successfully fielded sensor products and TTD has the longest lifetime of sensors available anywhere.  Additionally, we have created a unique and growing IP portfolio while expanding our operation to ensure the highest quality of engineering services.

The TTD product line has the unique “Pocket CO”, boasting the world’s best CO sensor in a package less than one ounce, with features allowing both CO monitoring, spot check measurements, and CO dosimetry. The unit runs on a watch battery, and although it is used by professionals, it’s economy lends itself to home, office, boat, or car use.

TTD continues to bring the benefits of emerging new technology, such as nanotechnology, to the marketplace with the most innovative, reliable, and cost-effective sensors, detectors, and instrumentation in the world.

Currently Available Products and Technology:

  • Carbon Monoxide Sensors

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Instruments

  • Carbon Monoxide Dosimeters

  • Nitrogen Dioxide Sensors

  • Hydrogen Sulfide Sensors

  • Nitric Oxide Sensors

  • Sulfur Dioxide Sensors

  • Sensors for a Broad Range of Electro-Active Compounds

  • Sensor Packaging for Electronics

  • Specially Engineered Chemical and Bio-Sensors for Threat Detection

  • Nanotechnology for Chemical Sensors

  • Low power sensors and electronics

  • Low power carbon monoxide sensor

  • Smallest lightest weight carbon monoxide sensor and monitor

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