Nanotechnology comes to the AIHCE!  

"PocketCO" Carbon monoxide detector, monitor, dosimeter

(Atlanta, GA) – In a heretofore unannounced cutting edge move, TTI and KWJ Engineering will unveil a revolutionary product, the “PocketCO” Carbon Monoxide detector, at the AIHCE in Atlanta, GA for two days only, May 10 & 11, 2004. The new device is enabled by several nano-technology innovations in sensor and product design.

“The PocketCO is amazing” comments Vishad Patel, Senior Engineer of Transducer Technology, Inc. “We used some breakthrough CO sensor miniaturization together with advanced electronics and software and made CO measurement easy, affordable, and very reliable. The quality of the CO response is fantastic and the size incredible.”

We have been told how nanotechnology will positively impact our lives. To date we have seen “nanopants” at the GAP, fishing rods and tennis rackets, but this is the first sensor nanotechnology offering to hit the market.

The Pocket CO is designed specifically to be affordable and easy for anyone to use, from the professionals & educators to homeowners. Convenient features include digital readout of CO in PPM, temperature in Celsius & Fahrenheit, CO alarms [EPA, NIOSH, and OSHA levels], and data storage of highest reading/time.

The Pocket CO is a rugged plastic keychain-sized stand-alone unit. It can be carried on a key ring, clipped to a workers shirt pocket, or attached to the dashboard of a vehicle. The PocketCO requires no external consumable parts for operation and will read CO levels in any environment with the push of a button for up to one year. Plus, the control chip is programmed to sound an audio alarm to alert the user/wearer when dangerous CO levels are exceeded. The ability to be aware of CO levels in public or private has never been simpler, easier, or more affordable.

TTI is a spin off of the Illinois Institute of Technology Sensor Research Group of Dr. Joseph R. Stetter, Chemistry Professor at IIT, who is an environmental monitoring research and development industry veteran, with hundreds of publications and patents, and has designed many commercial products in use today.

 SEE THE POCKET CO AT AIHCE BOOTH 1441 COURTESY OF ACD and for more information, contact or Dr. Joseph Stetter at or KWJ Engineering at and the company web site is with all the innovative TTI products.


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