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CO Sensor 16DIPCO500


Dimensions 0.85″(L) X 0.40(W) X 0.35(H)
Pin configuration standard 16 pin dip
Weight < 2 gram
 Material  Polypropylene
Electrolyte Etching liquid
Connections 16 PIN
Gas Supply Diffusion through porous membrane

Nominal Range

0 to 100 PPM
Maximum Overload 500 PPM

Measuring Principle

Electrochemical Oxidation of CO
Working Electrode Potential 0 to +5 mV with respect to the reference electrode
Output Signal, Zero, 25degC 0 to 0.5 mA
Output Signal, Span, 25degC 0.015 to 0.006 mA / PPM
Output Linearity Linear
Response Time (10% to 90%) < 20s typical at 20o C
Stabilization time <15 minutes when first installed in a circuit
Operating Temperature -20 to 50o C (0 35o C recommended)
Operating Pressure Range   0.2 atm
Operating Humidity Range 10 to 95% RH Continuous (0 to 100% intermittent)
Storage Temperature Range 4 to 18o C Recommended
Storage Pressure Range   0.2 atm
Storage Life 1 years in sealed package
Lower Detection Limit 2 PPM (depends on circuitry)
Resolution   2 PPM (depends on circuitry)
Estimated Service Life >24 Month
Warranty 12 Month (extended warranty available)
Contact TTI for application information. TTI reserves the right to alter design features and specifications without notice.


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