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P Series Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor PNO2-100

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions 1.39″ diameter 0.58″ height
Weight Approximately 10 gram
Material Polypropylene
Electrolyte Etching liquid
Connections Contact pads
Gas Supply Diffusion through porous membrane



Nominal Range

0 to 10 PPM

Maximum Overload

100 PPM

Measuring Principle

Electrochemical Oxidation of NO2

Working Electrode Potential

-150 50 mv

Output Signal, Zero, 25 oC

0 to 0.75 mA

Output Signal, Span, 25 oC

0.120 to 0.040 mA / PPM

Operating Temperature

-20 to 50o C (0 35o C recommended)

Output Linearity


Response Time (10% to 90%)

< 60s typical at 20o C

Stabilization time

30 minutes when first installed in a circuit

Operating Pressure Range

  0.2 atm

Operating Humidity Range

0 to 90% RH

Estimated Service Life

24 months Depends on application

Storage Temperature Range

4 to 18o C Recommended

Storage Pressure Range

  0.2 atm

Storage Humidity Range

60 to 80% RH Recommended without sealed package

Storage Life

1 years in sealed package

Lower Detection Limit

0.005 PPM (depends on circuitry)


0.005 PPM (depends on circuitry)


One years (extended warranty available)

Contact TTI for application information. TTI reserves the right to alter design features and specifications without notice.


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