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Toxic gas sensor

The model 16DIPCO sensor [patents pending] is tiny, rugged, accurate, and guaranteed to operate continuously in a wide variety of ambient environments. The 16DIPCO is designed specifically for instruments that are low cost and low power and can be used in CO detection applications such as residential carbon monoxide alarms, personal safety, OSHA toxic gas monitoring, fire detection systems, and general carbon monoxide monitoring.

The 16DIPCO Sensor package is a standard size electronic 16 pin DIP similar to an operational amplifier, allowing simple, cost-effective integration into existing product designs and electronic circuits. The “Chip” sensor requires only a few inexpensive parts for operation and control and is has 50% less weight (2gm) and 40% less volume (2.3 cm3) than competitive CO sensors and yet maintains high performance CO sensing capability.

Product Name Gas Type Life* Range
16DIPCO500 CO 2 years in air 0-500 PPM
Available Soon
H2S 2 years in air 0-500 PPM
Available Soon
NO2 2 years in air 0-100 PPM
* = Expected Operating life

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